The Mill on the Floss

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Powerful and moving, "The Mill on the Floss" is considered to be George Eliot's most autobiographical novel. Set in early nineteenth-century England, it is the story of gifted, free-spirited Maggie Tulliver and her selfish, spoiled brother, Tom, who were born and raised at Dorlcote Mill on the River Floss. From earliest childhood Maggie worships her brother and longs to win his approval, along with that of her parents. However, her fierce intelligence and strong streak of independence bring her into constant conflict with her family. Torn between what is considered her "moral responsibility" and her search for self-fulfillment, Maggie ultimately demonstrates honor and courage in the face of the disapproval of a narrow, tradition-bound society. Newly designed and typeset for easy reading by Boomer Books.

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