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September 2008



About Natasha: What else could go wrong for Natasha? She is twenty-three years old, a single parent of four young children, and is currently pregnant. She is on her own, no thanks to any of her babies' fathers. She has no money, no motivation, and no dignity. Her family is the epitome of dysfunction and she has no friends other than the guys who want to use her. Left with nothing but her pain, her constant companions are loneliness, depression, and now addiction. Just when it seems as though life could not possibly get any darker, Natasha meets Kayleen, a woman no stranger to pain. Yet, there is something different about Kayleen. Something hopeful. Something freeing. Thoroughly cautious and distrustful, Natasha finds herself on a journey which visits the past, explains the present, and offers light to her future. She discovers that there is healing, redemption, and grace for the broken soul.

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