Find a Good Man and Keep Him

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September 2008



A lady once said that finding a good man is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is not and should not be the case. True love is all around you if earnestly you desire it. The book suggests functional approaches to true love as an alternative to the hit-and-miss approach that almost always ends in divorce or heartbreak. The book is for the married or single woman. It is for the married woman who, perhaps, already has a good man and necessarily must keep him. It is for the single woman who now is in search of a good man for a lifetime of joyful romance and companionship. The book examines the good man's qualifying attributes, the meaning of romantic love, the concrete manifestations of love and, importantly, how you recognize and sustain true love when it comes your way. Find a Good Man and Keep Him is a practical guide that leads you through and away from the hurtful tumbles and stumbles of a failed relationship onto the path of manifest love with a good man.

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