Destiny and Civilization: The Evolutionary Explanation of Religion and History

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September 2008



There is nothing like this in print anywhere! So, you know history . . . well, Brough explains it. He applies evolutionary natural selection to the whole of human history and prehistory, showing how social evolution works. He fully explains what makes civilizations rise and fall-our own, for example. No wonder all this was never known before: religion-influenced academic thinking stood in the way! If anything is capable of bringing Free Thinkers "out of the closet" so they can come together and organize, this is it. This extensive research effectively explains what the Religious-Right does to a society because the research is objective, impartial. Every Free Thinker who reads it will find out why Religious Reaction is growing, what it did in previous societies (yes, in every civilization, even in prehistory) and what is happening this time.

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