Microarray Gene Expression Data Integration andCancer Signatures

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September 2008



Over the past decade, microarray gene expression data
has been widely used to identify cancer gene
signatures that could complement conventional
histopathologic evaluation to increase the accuracy
of cancer diagnosis and prognosis. However, due to
the limited sample size of individual studies, there
is often only a small overlap between signatures for
specific cancers obtained in different studies. With
the rapid accumulation of microarray data, it is of
great interest to understand how to combine
microarray data across studies of similar cancers in
order to increase sample size, which could lead to
the identification of more reliable gene signatures
of specific cancers. This book provides a novel
statistical method, based on the top-scoring pairs
classifier family, for inter-study microarray data
integration. By incorporating this new method into
different statistical models, we can identify robust
gene signatures for cancer diagnosis and prognosis
from integrated microarray data. This book is
primarily aimed at cancer researchers, especially in
the emerging field of cancer bioinformatics, but
should also be valuable to statisticians and medical
researchers entering the field.


PhD in Electrical Engineering with concentration on
Bioinformatics at Johns Hopkins University. Statistician in
biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.
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