Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Consumption: The Rebound Effect

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This book challenges conventional wisdom by showing how, in some circumstances, improved energy efficiency may increase energy consumption. Relying upon energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions could therefore be misguided. This book explores the broader implications for climate change and sustainable consumption.


Introduction; S.Sorrell  and H.Herring PART
I: MICRO REBOUND EFFECTS The Evidence for Direct Rebound Effects; S.Sorrell Fuel Efficiency and Automobile Travel in Germany: An Econometric Analysis of the Rebound Effect; M.Frondel , J.Peters and C.Vance PART
II: MACRO REBOUND EFFECTS Modelling the Economy-Wide Rebound Effect; G.Allen , M.Gilmartin , P.G.McGregor , J.K.Swales  and K.Turner Specifying Technology for Analyzing Rebound; H.Saunders Energy Efficiency and Economic Growth: The 'Rebound Effect' as a Driver; R.U.Ayres  and B.Warr Exploring Jevons' Paradox; S.Sorrell PART
III: REBOUND EFFECTS AND SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION Time-Use Rebound Effects: An Activity-Based View of Consumption; M.Jalas Rebound and Rational Public Policy Making; R.Levett Avoiding Rebound through a Steady-State Economy; J.S.Nørgård Sufficiency and the Rebound Effect; H.Herring Conclusion; S.Sorrell & H.Herring


HORACE HERRING is a freelance researcher and writer based at the Open University, UK. His research interests include energy efficiency, environmental history and sustainable consumption.
STEVE SORRELL is a Senior Fellow in the Sussex Energy Group at SPRU, Sussex University, UK. His research interests include energy efficiency, climate policy and emissions trading.


'Written for researchers, policy-makers and environmentalist, the book summarises the current state of knowledge, presents new research and explores the conditions under which energy efficiency can contribute to sustainability.' - International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
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