Performance Measurement of New Product Development Teams: A Case of the High-Tech Sector

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Using the example of four Taiwanese brand-name multinational companies, this study seeks to unpack the relationship between project team performance measurement systems and new product success/failure. It examines the use of performance measurement results and the resulting impact on team-member behaviour and functional departments.


Preface Introduction New Product Development Success Factors The Organisational Architecture Conceptual Framework Research Methodology and Methods Case Study and Interpretation Cross Case-Studies Analysis Discussion Conclusions Bibliography


MAGDY G. ABDEL-KADER is Senior Lecturer at Brunel University, UK. His main research interests include management accounting and capital investment decisions. He has published in international journals such as Management Accounting Research and British Accounting Review. He is a co-author of books on investment decision in AMT and on enterprise resources planning (ERP) and co-editor of a book on performance evaluation of shop floor workers. ERIN YU-CHING LIN is Researcher at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Taiwan in the Tax and Legal Services department. Her main research interests include management accounting, auditing, and tax.

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