Deadly Companions

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The story of human history has been inextricably entwined with the story of microbes. Combining tales of devastating epidemics with accessible science and fascinating history, Deadly Companions reveals how closely microbes have evolved with us over the millennia, shaping human culture through infection, disease, and deadly pandemic.


Preface ; Introduction ;
1. How it all began ;
2. Microbes and our hunter gatherer ancestors ;
3. Microbes exploit the sedentary lifestyle ;
4. Microbes, crowds and poverty ;
5. Microbes go global ;
6. Microbes, famine and starvation ;
7. Science intervenes ;
8. Current problems ; Conclusions ; Glossary ; Index


Dorothy Crawford is Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh, where she is also Assistant Principal for the Public Understanding of Medicine. She was awarded an OBE in 2005 for services to medicine and higher education. Books by the same author: The Invisible Enemy: A Natural History of Viruses


Admirably clear and engaging. BBC History
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