The Reference Point

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September 2008



Standing on the rock over looking the ocean, the Soul of the Young Man renewed his mind to see, to hear and to understand the Spirit of the Wind. In all my journeys, that path to the River Road, mankind has not fulfilled the covenant except for the One, the Reference Point. Grace be to God, For the beginning of all things, The River Roads toward the Truth, To be illusion is to stray from the Truth, To seek the Truth is to mirror in still waters, God who is still, Stills the rest. Madness and chaos is always accompanied by a lack of patience, urgency and extreme movement. Standing still and allowing events to occur by faith can be likened to that still water, a time of peace, and a time of rest. It is during a time of rest, I have found the ability to vision future events and reason with the Maker of the Spirit. It is during these times, I find myself out of my physical soul, letting go to see, hear and experience the wisdom of truth.

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