Germans to America, Jan. 2, 1850-May 24, 1851

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Februar 1988



This work aims to provide genealogists and family-history researchers with an extensive, indexed source of German surname immigrants. This entire project (covering names through to May 1869) will span the years from 1850 to the 1890s.


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Ira Glazier is the former Director of The Center for Migration Research at The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies and Immigration. He is currently the director of castlegarden.org for The Battery Conservancy in New York. The late P. William Filby served for many years as the director of the Maryland Historical Society.


Unquestionably an essential reference for both genealogists and historians. New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
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Untertitel: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U. S. Ports. 'Germans to America'. black & white illustrations, black & white tables, maps, frontispiece. Sprache: Englisch.
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