War Paths, Peace Paths: An Archaeology of Cooperation and Conflict in Native Eastern North America

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Focusing on four major issues in prehistoric warfare studies: settlement data, skeletal trauma, weaponry, and iconography, David H. Dye presents a new interpretation of prehistoric warfare in the eastern United States.


Chapter 1. Cooperation and Conflict in Native Eastern North America
Chapter 2. Archaeology and the Study of Violence and Cooperation Sidebar: The Origin of War - Is War Making Integral to Our Ancestry?
Chapter 3. Family-Level Foragers and the Resolution of Homicides Sidebar: Paleoindian Foragers and Pleistocene Extinctions
Chapter 4. Complex Hunter-Gatherers and the Origin of Feuding Sidebar: The Poverty Point Site and Complex Hunter-Gatherers
Chapter 5. The Rise of Agriculture and the Elaboration of Feuding Sidebar: Shamans, Warriors, and Diplomats
Chapter 6. Cooperation and Conflict in Late Woodland Societies Sidebar: Hill Top Enclosures: Ritual or Defense?
Chapter 7. Cooperation and Conflict in the Northeast Sidebar: Iroquois Ambassadors
Chapter 8. Cooperation and Conflict in the Upper Midwest Sidebar: Matrilocal Warriors
Chapter 9. Cooperation and Conflict in the Lower Midwest and Southeast Sidebar: Heroic Warriors
Chapter 10. Paths of War and Peace in Eastern North America


David H. Dye is associate professor of archaeology in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Memphis.


A very informative text on the evolution of warfare in eastern North America. Recommended. CHOICE, December 2009 War Paths, Peace Paths skillfully traces all three trends in Native culture as violence and peace evolved over the millennia. American Archaeology
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