Living & Loved: A Celebration of Churches

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Oktober 2000



The much-loved presenter of BBC TV's Songs of Praise offers a personal tour of her favourite churches around the UK and Ireland


Pam Rhodes has presented the BBC's Songs of Praise for many years. She has written numerous novels, including With Hearts and Hymns and Voices, Fisher of Men, and Casting the Net. Visit Pam's website at pamrhodes.co.uk JOHN ROGERS is an acclaimed photographer whose work is widely published in national magazines and Sunday newspaper supplements.


Having Pam Rhodes choose favourite churches is such a good idea that one wonders why it hasn't been done before. The popular Songs of Praise presenter's own choice is here augmented by the selections of such luminaries as Terry Waite, James Galway, and the Arch-bishops of Canterbury and York, all illustrated with some fine photographic work. To those who enjoy the programme, this well-produced book will prove a delight. Others who just appreciate the English heritage will find much to enjoy in the idiosyncratic choice of churches on view, ranging from huge cathedrals to small chapels and from medieval shrines to Nissen huts. Buildings have been included from the Orkney Islands to Belfast, and from Canterbury to the Romney Marshes. This is truly national overview. A case, then, of this Rhodes leading to a successful roam.
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