California Indians and Their Environment: An Introduction

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April 2009



Tells how the California Indians lived in vibrant polities, each boasting a rich village life including chiefs, religious specialists and master craftspeople. This book emphasizes how these communities interacted with the state's varied landscape, enhancing its bountiful natural resources through practices centered around prescribed burning.


Preface Acknowledgments RETHINKING CALIFORNIA INDIANS Why California Indians Matter The Central Role of Fire Waves of Migrations A Landscape of Unparalleled Diversity The Uniqueness of California The First Fire Managers They Are Not Farmers Where We Go from Here VISUAL GUIDE TO NATURAL RESOURCES A GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA INDIAN USES OF NATURAL RESOURCES Introduction Northwest Coast Province Central Coast Province South Coast Province Northwest Coast Province Great Central Valley/Sierra Nevada Province Southern Deserts Province Notes Bibliography Art Credits Index


Kent G. Lightfoot, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, is author of Indians, Missionaries, and Merchants: The Legacy of Colonial Encounters on the California Frontiers (UC Press), among other books. Otis Parrish is a member of the Kashaya Pomo Tribe.


"One of the best books of its nature to ever cross the trail is the scholarly yet accessible California Indians and Their Environment."--Press Democrat "Anyone seriously interested in the cultural history and daily lives of California's Indians will want to check out a copy of this reference book."--Salinas Californian "Indispensable for anyone interested in Native cultures and in human interactions with the California environment... Essential."--Choice "A valuable resource for all Californians who wish to learn more about the tremendous biological and cultural diversity that surrounds us."--News From Native California "[A] pivotal work... I recommend this book to anyone interested in California Indians and their interactions with their environment."--Economic Botany
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