The Soul of Sanctuary

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November 2008



The "Soul of Sanctuary" is a book made up of five interrelating chapters. Each one creates a layer that makes up the unique group called Sanctuary. On one level it is the simple adventurous story of a group of people who are led to a common home known as Sanctuary. The experience they share is becoming a werewolf or somehow being involved with a werewolf either romantically, or by friendship, or by family relationship. They encounter another species, Cat People, who throughout history are in conflict with werewolves. Both speicies are governed by the monthly moon cycle. On a deeper level, the novel is about mankind's desire to find sactuary inside one's soul. It is the satisfaction in sharing a kind of kindred relationship and adapting to the needs of the group. Facing personal fears and coming to terms with the outside conflicts the group faces forms a strong sense of self, family and a place in history.

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