The Innkeeper's Wife

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November 2008



Ciro and Jacob were innkeepers when Emperor Caesar Augustus decreed that a census be taken of the whole Roman Empire. It happened that their Inn was in Bethlehem, where a young couple named Joseph and Mary were to register. The Innkeeper's Wife encapsulates the Christmas story, as it tells about relationships that were born on the same night Mary delivered her first child, Jesus. This is the ongoing tale about Ciro and Jacob who gave shelter to Joseph and Mary though their Inn was overflowing and beyond full. It is story of two people as they loved and cared for a very special family. Maritie Wellbrock graduated from Beaver College with a major in religious education. She married Anton, who became a pastor later in life. She has been with him to India on short-term mission work. For years their home has been opened to people from many places for ministry, prayer, teaching and outreach. Maritie has the gift of hospitality, and sometimes thinks of herself as the innkeeper's wife

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