Work from Home: How to Make Money Working at Home

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August 2009



A practical guide that helps you make working from home work for you. It offers business advice, and tells how to choose and develop arrangements that best suit you and your circumstances. It also addresses crucial emotional challenges such as isolation, motivation and self-discipline.


Acknowlegements; Introduction; Part 1 - Sounds Like a Nice Idea; Chapter 1. Why work from home; Chapter 2. Will working from home work for me?; 3. Can I make money at home?; Part 2 - Making It Happen; Chapter 4. How do I create my perfect workspace?; Chapter 5. Can I be productive at home?; 6. What about my professional image?; Part 3 - Secrets of Sucess; Chapter 7. Won't I feel isolated?; Chapter 8. How do I separate work and home?; Chapter 9. What if there's a crisis?; Afterword; Index.


Author Judy Heminsley has worked from home for 20 years, both as an employee and running her own business, so she's well-acquainted with its advantages and pitfalls. She works with individuals to set up their home offices and organise homeworking to suit their personality, occupation and family situations. She gives talks and workshops about the benefits of homeworking. Her website is www.workfromhomewisdom.com


'Encyclopedic in scope, with well considered and intelligent advice on almost every subject a home-worker might trip over, from running a business to household politics...Quite genuinely a compelling read.' www.liveworkhomes.co.uk. 'This book helps give the kind of practical advice to cover every step of the way. You can dip into any section and most have a list of resources and case studies to help you along the way.' www.workingmums.co.uk 'Offers a lot of valuable advice, presented in a clear manner, well laid out format and easy to use...Work from Home is down to earth and realistic. It's well organised, supported by examples and provides clear advice, reassurance and countless practical suggestions. Recommended.' www.thebookbag.co.uk 'Judy Heminsley gets to the heart of the matter.' Daily Telegraph, Home Business Supplement. 'Work from Home has a huge scope, covering most if not all aspects of working from home...its well organised, supported by examples and provides clear advice, reassurance and countless practical suggestions, without patronising. Heminsley's tone is very appealing: she's brisk, positive and confident, but doesn't claim to know the only correct way to operate.' www.helium.com. 'This great little book covers how to make money from working at home and how to get the MOST of out life...backed up with lots of great tips and information sources.' www.womenseverything.com. 'Anyone seriously considering pursuing their writing career at home would do well to read what Judy Heminsley has to say.' Writing Magazine. 'Working through the book gave me some great insights into my particular way of working and I wish I had had access to this book before setting up my business some years ago.' www.mychild.co.uk.
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