Women in Love

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Mai 2009



Best known for his erotic and provocative portraits, Jack Vettriano has become an internationally renowned figure in the world of contemporary art. Inspired by his many muses, Vettriano's paintings frequently focus on women, who have formed the subject of some of his most popular and significant works, including" The Singing Butler" and "Mad Dogs," This astounding compendium features the finest examples of Vettriano's women, all of them mysterious, seductive, beautiful, languid, passionate, and powerful. Whether relaxing on a beach, reclining in a bar, or dancing through the night, the ladies in this gorgeous anthology represent Vettriano's vision of women throughout his career.


Jack Vettriano is entirely self-taught. A Scotsman of Italian descent, he left school at sixteen to become a mining engineer working down the Fife coalfields. For his twenty-first birthday a girlfriend gave him a set of watercolour paints and from then on, he spent much of his spare time teaching himself to paint. His first solo exhibition in Edinburgh was a sell-out and since then he has had solo exhibitions in London, Hong Kong and New York. Over the last twenty years, interest in Vettriano's work has grown consistently. Vettriano's best known painting, The Singing Butler, was sold at Sotheby's for close to GBP750,000. He was awarded an OBE for Services to the Visual Arts. In 2013, a major twenty year Retrospective exhibition of Vettriano's work was staged at Kelvingrove art Gallery and Musuem in Glasgow. He lives in Edinburgh.
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