Easy Money: Spend Like a Millionaire

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November 2008



Money is a fascinating symbol, because it's the premier unit of exchange of goods and services. Even mundane decisions like choosing between driving or taking a bus to work, getting a credit card, or buying a new or used car are decisions about money. To stay in the game we are always looking for ways to expand our assets - which leads us to search for the best ways to save for college; raise money to start a business; or put something aside for retirement. Other ways of making our money work for us are learning about investing in securities; knowing how to buy a home without going broke; taking good care of ourselves to stay healthy, and being conscious of what we spend on our commutes. All these money matters are dissected in Easy Money. This book is a warehouse of financial information. We live in an information age. Those who take the time to acquire the right information will continue to gain ground, and are well in their way to phenomenal prosperity.

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