Tissue Engineering in Dermatology

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Februar 2009



In recent years the area of tissue engineering in dermatology has developed in a way that today the understanding of tissue pathways allows to design in vitro models for specific testing conditions or for therapeutically applied tissues, for instance, for patients with burns or chronic wounds. In particular in the fields of product safety for chemicals and cosmetic ingredients, and also in wound healing tissue-engineered skin replacement is used.This volume includes contributions on different cell types relevant in in vitro systems in dermatology such as melanocytes, keratinocytes or fibroblast cultures. Further articles deal with skin substitutes for cutaneous wounds, stem cells, and whole-cell bioprocessing.Providing a comprehensive overview on recent findings in tissue engineering this publication will be of interest to dermatologists in clinics and research, wound care specialists, molecular biologists as well as laboratory suppliers.


Editorial: Tissue Engineering: A Rapidly Growing Field of Skin Research: Lademann, J.; Fluhr, J.W.; Preface: Tissue Engineering in Dermatology: Fluhr, J.W.; Elsner, P.; Stem Cells and Tissue-Engineered Skin: Charruyer, A.; Ghadially, R.; Whole-Cell Bioprocessing of Human Fetal Cells for Tissue Engineering of Skin: Applegate, L.A.; Scaletta, C.; Hirt-Burri, N.; Raffoul, W.; Pioletti, D.; Evaluation of Biocompatibility and Cytotoxicity Using Keratinocyte and Fibroblast Cultures: Wiegand, C.; Hipler, U.-C.; Tissue Engineering for Cutaneous Wounds: Selecting the Proper Time and Space for Growth Factors, Cells and the Extracellular Matrix: Macri, L.; Clark, R.A.F.; Skin Substitutes and Wound Healing: Auger, F.A.; Lacroix, D.; Germain, L.; In vitro Irritation Models and Immune Reactions: Gibbs, S.; Melanocytes: From Morphology to Application: Santiago-Walker, A.; Li, L.; Haass, N.K.; Herlyn, M.; Author Index; Subject Index.
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