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The definitive publication on America's greatest architect. The three-volume monograph features all of Wright's designs (numbering approximately 1100), both realized and unrealized. Made in cooperation with the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives in Taliesin, Arizona, this collection leaves no stone unturned in examining and paying tribute to Wrights life and work. Author and preeminent Wright expert Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer highlights the latest research and gives fresh insight into the work.
Volume 3 starts after World War II, when Wrights organic living architecture introduced ideas for the use of solar energy and curved open spaces. In addition to the Guggenheim museum, the postwar era also saw extraordinary projects such as Wrights plans for a new Baghdad, his only realized high-rise tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the crystal figure of the Beth Sholom Synagogue in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, and an endless row of houses that reached new complexity by floor plans based on hexagons.


Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer became Frank Lloyd Wright's apprentice at the Taliesin Fellowship in 1949. In 1957, he spent a year in Paris and attended the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris for five months. Pfeiffer returned to Taliesin in 1958 and continued his apprenticeship with Wright until his death in 1959. He remained at Taliesin and has done so to this day. He is director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives and a vice-president of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Pfeiffer is the author and editor of numerous publications on Wright's life and work.
Peter Gossel runs a practice for the design of museums and exhibitions. He is the editor of TASCHEN's monographs on Julius Shulman, R. M. Schindler, John Lautner and Richard Neutra, as well as the editor of the Basic Architecture series.
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