Oxford English for Careers. Pre-Intermediate. Medicine

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Mai 2009



Oxford English For Careers is a new, up-to-date course where you learn what you need to know for a career in medicine.


1. Presenting complaints ; Understanding culture, interpreting body language ;
2. Working in general practice ; Short questions in the general history, general practice in the UK ;
3. Instructions and procedures ; Preparation for carrying out a procedure ;
4. Explaining and reassuring ; Research into complaints ;
5. Dealing with medication ; Prescribing drugs in hospital, clinical incident reporting ;
6. Lifestyle ; Sympathy and empathy, research in medicine ;
7. Parents and young children ; Reassurance, baby's six-week check, applying for work ;
8. Communication ; Understanding patients, asking and responding to open questions, information web search ;
9. Working in psychiatry ; Asking about self-harm, describing patients ;
10. Terminal illness and dying ; Care in the community, recognising patients' emotions, informing a relative about death ;
11. Working in a team ; Politeness in different cultures, appropriate responses, asking a senior colleague for help ;
12. Diversity at work ; Asking about culture, spiritual needs in palliative care, name awareness, avoiding and responding to tactless comments
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Untertitel: Student's Book / Essential skills for doctor-patient communication. Sprache: Englisch.
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