Land, Water and Development: Sustainable and Adaptive Management of Rivers

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Presents the historical and scientific backgrounds to land-water interactions and establishes the links with development processes and policies. This book covers the multitude of scientific research findings, development of 'tools' and spatial/temporal scale challenges. It covers droughts, environmental flows and the restoration of wetlands.


1: A 'World Water Crisis'? The History and Current Trajectory of Water Management 1.1. Hydraulic Cultures and Religious Codes: Management in Advance of Science 1.2 The Rise of Hydraulics and Hydrology 1.3 Monks, Mills and Mines: Coordination but Abuse in England 1.4 Urbanisation and Industrialization: A Steep Deterioration 1.5 Sustainability, the Current 'crisis' and the Challenges of the Future 2: The River Basin (Eco)System: Biophysical Dynamics, 'Natural' and 'Compromised' 2.1 Flow of Water and Transport of Sediment 2.2 Channel Morphology: Indicating Process and State? 2.3 Towards the 'Fluvial Hydrosystem': Floodplains 2.4 Sediment Delivery at the Basin Scale: Sources, Pathways and Targets 2.5 Incorporating the Basin Sediment System in Ecosystem Management 3: Land-Water Interactions: The Evidence Base for Catchment Planning and Management 3.1 Vegetation, Soils and Hydrology: A Humid Climate Perspective 3.2 Groundwater Exploitation and Protection 3.3 The Devil of the Detail: Runoff Modifications in Developed River Basins 3.4 Land and Water: Off-site Impacts on Water Quality and Biota 3.5 Conclusions: Towards Water Body 'Pressures' 4: Managing Land, Water and Rivers in the Developed World: An International Survey 4.1 Development and the River Basin 4.2 River Basin Management in the USA 4.3 Canadian River Basin Management 4.4 Australia: Lessons Learned Late on a Settler Legacy 4.5 New Zealand: Resource Management Conditioned by Hazard 4.6 Reflections: National Priorities in the Developed World 5: River Basins and Development: Sample Trajectories 5.1 New Millennium, New Tensions: Incorporating Poverty and Health in the Water Agenda 5.2 Characteristics of Water Development Projects in the Twentieth Century: 'gigantism' 5.3 A Development Focus: Food, Power and Trade in Drylands 5.4 River Basin Management in Iran: The Zayandeh Rud 5.5 The Nile: A Definitive Case of Hydropolitics 5.6 River Basin Development Authorities: Experience Elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa 5.7 South Africa: A Unique Water Management Experiment 5.8 Land-Use Writ Large? Himalayan Headwaters and the GBM 5.9 Is the Dam-based Megaproject a Thing of the Past? 5.10 Development and Rivers: Broad Trends 6: Technical Issues in River Basin Management 6.1 Soil Erosion 6.2 A Stressed Global Food Supply -- 'Water for Food, Water for Life' 6.3 Dams and Development: Sedimentation, Environmental Flows, Impact Assessment 6.4 Conservation and Restoration of River Channels and Wetlands 6.5 Climatic Change and River Basin Management 6.6 Conclusion 7: Institutional Issues in River Basin Management: Stasis and Change in England and Wales 7.1 Delivering IWRM/IRBM Within Contexts of Rights and Governance 7.2 Can Basin Authorities Work? From TVA to CMAs and RBDs 7.3 Case Study: The Evolution of Basin Management Institutions in England and Wales 7.4 A Flood-prone Nation: Land Drainage Leads the Way 7.5 Basin-scale Regulation: Water Resources and Pollution 7.6 Private or Public? Economics and Environment 7.7 An Environment Agency for Sustainable Development and the WFD 7.8 Integration With Land-use Planning: Flooding Leads Again 7.9 The Spotlight of Sustainable Development 7.10 River Basin Institutions and Developing Nations 7.11 Institutions for International River Basin Management 7.12 Sustainability and Subsidiarity: Scale-sensitive Institutions/Organizations Which Can Plan Basin Development 8: Sustainable River Basin Management With Uncertain Knowledge 8.1 A 'Watery Form of Sustainability' 8.2 Science in the 'New Environmental Age' and the 'Risk Society' 8.3 Uncertain 'Science Speaks to Power' 8.4 Uncertain Science and Land-water Management: The Early Evidence 8.5 Uncertain Science and Land-water Management: Where now? 8.6 Implementation: Land-use Controls in River Basins -- The Case of UK Forestry 8.7 Broadening Horizons: New Knowledge: People Speak to Science 8.8 'Walk your Watershed': 'catchment health' -- A Case for Acupuncture? 9: Adaptive Land and Water Management: Through Participation and Social Learning to Hydropolitical Decisions? 9.1 'Big Themes' for Future Land and Water Development 9.2 Scale-sensitive Governance, Information Flows and Social Learning 9.3 Experiences of Public Participation: Stakeholders and 'Joe Public' 9.4 The Cauldron of Hydropolitics and the Spell of Economics 9.5 Formalities of Adaptive Management Postscript Globalised Water: Will Poverty, Trade and Energy Issues Override Basin-scale Management? Poverty, Water Poverty and Trading out Water Stress Will 'Virtual Water' Work? Water and Energy: Fuelling Desalination, Hydro-electricity and Irrigating Biofuels! The Ultimate Challenge: Ecosystem Management Under Uncertainty, Ignorance and Surprises The Aral Sea -- Righting the Wrongs?


Geography Department, Newcastle University, UK
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