Second Language Acquisition

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Provides an overview of contemporary second language acquisition from a linguistic point of view. Written by leading scholars, this book includes chapters which outlines core problems and research in a specific domain.


List of Contributors. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. The interrelation between speech and phonological acquisition from infant to adult: Cynthia Brown (University of Delaware). 2. Second language syllable structure: Martha Young-Scholten and John Archibald (University of Durham and University of Calgary). 3. Mapping features to forms in second language acquisition: Donna Lardiere (Georgetown University). 4. Second language acquisition: from initial to final state: Lydia White (McGill University). 5. When syntactic theories evolve: consequences for L2 acquisition research: Bonnie D. Schwartz and Rex A. Sprouse (University of Durham and University of Indiana). 6. An overview of the second language acquisition of links between verb semantics and morpho-syntax: Alan Juffs (University of Pittsburg).7. Representation and processing in the second language lexicon: the homogeneity hypothesis: Gary Libben (University of Alberta). Index.


John Archibald is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Calgary. He is author of "Language Learnability and L2 Phonology" (1993) and "Second Language Phonology " (1998). He is co-author of "Research Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition" (1995) and editor of "Phonological Acquisition and Phonological Theory" (1995).


"Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory offers a state-of-the-art examination of formal properties of second language acquisition of phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. It is an invaluable resource to students who want to learn about the field and to researchers looking to broaden their knowledge in the area." Keren Rice, University of Toronto.
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