Engaged conservation planning and uncertainty mapping

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Januar 2009



The goal of this research is to improve the
implementation of systematic conservation planning
while maintaining quality. A theoretical framework
for engaged conservation planning and management
(ECPM) is provided. Under ECPM, scientists,
stakeholders, and citizen scientists would be able to
engage in reciprocal knowledge-sharing, thereby
building institutional capacity to achieve
socio-ecological resilience. ECPM would increase
participation by utilizing a novel blend of
geospatial technology, decision support systems, and
the emerging culture of Web 2.0. But broad public
release of conservation plan maps has traditionally
been controversial. These maps have created
much conflict, or in many cases, been held back,
resulting in a lack of knowledge-sharing. A
hypothesis is developed: if the uncertainty involved
with implementation of conservation plans was
quantified and mapped, this would decrease the
volatility of the maps and improve implementation. A
conservation assessment is performed and a method for
quantifying and mapping this 'implementation
uncertainty' is developed, applied, and evaluated.
The findings provide initial support for the hypothesis.


John grew up in a small coastal town, and also lived briefly in
Saudi Arabia and on a Hopi reservation. Along the way he
developed a love for nature and a passion for helping society be
more ecologically sustainable. This led to a Ph.D. in Geography
and a career in field biology, conservation planning, and
geographic information science.
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