Stapleton's Real Estate Management Practice

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November 2005



Covers the subject of commercial property management, estates, private sector estates, public sector estates, policy, commercial leases, professional practice, acquisition, disposal and lettings. This book covers property management and professional practice in a practical way with reference to legal cases.


Part 1: Urban Estates 1. Growth of Urban Estates in the UK 2. Management 3. Private Sector Estates 4. Public Sector Estates 5. Charities Part 2: Lease Management 6. Commercial Property Part 3: Positive Management 7. Estates Policy 8. Professional Practice 9. Acquisition, Disposal and Lettings 10. Portfolio Performance


Anthony Banfield trained with the District Valuer's Office and, since qualifying in 1973, has worked in local government, private practice and for a property company. Whilst with the latter, he gained considerable experience of rent reviews as well as the management and refurbishment of a large covered shopping centre before being actively involved in the Chelsea Harbour development. He was Managing Director of a property asset management company specialising in the management of property portfolios throughout the UK for privately owned property companies. He is particularly interested in the development of valuation methods and the further use of electronic media in distance education. He is also a tutor at the College of Estate Management, UK.
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