Contesting the French Revolution

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"Contesting the French Revolution" provides an insightful overview of one of history's most significant events, as well as examining the most significant historiographical debates about this period.Explores the causes, events, and consequences of the French Revolution
Offers a stimulating analysis of the most controversial debates: Were the events of 1789 a social revolution or a political accident? Did they mark the rise of industrial capitalism or the birth of modern democracy? Was Napoleon Bonaparte an heir to the ideals of 1789 or a betrayer of the Revolution?
Shows how historical interpretation of the French Revolution has been influenced by the changing political and social currents of the last 200 years - from the Russian Revolution to the fall of the Berlin Wall - and how historical study has shifted from a political focus to social and cultural approaches in more recent years.


Acknowledgements. Chronology. Introduction. 1. Origins: Inevitable Revolution or Resolvable Crisis? 2. 1789. 3. The Declaration of Rights and the Abolition of Feudalism. 4. Constitutional Monarchy. 5. The Republic. 6. Regeneration and Terror. 7. Thermidor and the Directory. 8. Napoleon: Heir to the Revolution? 9. Revolutionary Violence. 10. Legacy of the Revolution. Bibliography. Index.


Paul Hanson is Professor of History at Butler University in Indianapolis. He has taught courses on French history, European history, and Chinese history, and has published numerous books and articles examining the French Revolution, including The Jacobin Republic under Fire, Provincial Politics in the French Revolution and Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution .


"This book is no neutral survey of historiography, bur an engaged contribution to the debate. Hanson challenges older revisionism by endorsing recent studies that emphasize social conflict as key to the French Revolution, and he contests interpretations of the Terror or of revolutionary violence as the outcomes of revolutionary ideology." (Journal of World History, September 2010) "Recommended [for] Graduate students [and] faculty." (CHOICE, February 2010) Designed as an introduction both to the Revolution and to the historical controversies that surround it, Contesting the French Revolution is an assured, erudite survey of recent scholarship by an accomplished historian of the Revolution. (H-France, April 2010)
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