Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport

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Is Marxism still relevant for understanding sport in the twenty-first century? Has Marxism been preserved or transcended by cultural studies? What is the relationship between theory and intervention in the politics of sport? This book discusses the relationship between sport and Marxism. It is suitable for students of sport sociology, and Marxism.


1. Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport: Mapping the field Ben Carrington & Ian McDonald 2. Sport Without Final Guarantees: Cultural Studies/Marxism/Sport Ben Carrington 3. One-Dimensional Sport: Revolutionary Marxism and the Critique of Sport Ian McDonald 4. The Urban Sport Spectacle: Towards a Critical Political Economy of Sports Anouk Belanger 5. Between Culture and Economy: Understanding the Politics of Media Sport Garry Whannel 6. Marxism, Alienation and Coubertin's Olympic Project Rob Beamish 7. Post-Marxism, Black Marxism, and the Politics of Sport Brett St. Louis 8. Venus and Serena Are "Doing It" for Themselves: Theorizing Sporting Celebrity, Class and Black Feminism for the Hip-Hop Generation Jayne O. Ifekwunigwe 9. Socratic Solitude: The Scouser Two-as-One Grant Farred 10. Michel Foucault and the Critique of Sport Toby Miller 11. Re-appropriating Gramsci: Marxism, Hegemony and Sport Alan Bairner 12. Sport, Culture, and Late Capitalism David L. Andrews


The Universtiy of Texas at Austin, USA University of Brighton, UK


"Theoretically provocative and enlightening" -- Leisure Studies "Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport is particularly welcome. There can be no better time to examine the ways in which both Marxism and Cultural Studies have enabled an examination of sport that can go beyond the merely biomechanical, the simplistically psychological or sociological descriptions of most sports studies" -- New Formations "Including editors Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald, the eleven authors in this collection form an impressive team of sociologists, anthropologists, and media, race, and sports scholars...compared to most anthologies, this collection offers a degree of unity and coherence that is rarely found...Overall, the editors' lofty goals for the volume--to raise the level of theoretical debate within sports studies and to focus the theoretical 'weaponry' of Marxism and Cultural Studies on the field of sport--have been realized." -- Contemporary Sociology, 2010 "Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald's anthology Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport -- the eighth volume in Routledge's admirable Critical Studies in Sport series -- successfully addresses all three of the aims outlined in the Series Editors' Preface. [...]As a means by which to engage intellectually-curious undergraduates with an interest in the critical study of sport, and as a means for attempting to make sense of current sport policy -- whereby the country is spending billions hosting the Olympics and bidding for World Cups while depriving its schools of adequate funding for grassroots sport -- this volume is indispensible. - Neil Ewen, Independent Researcher
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