Search for Supersymmetry in proton-antiproton collisions

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Februar 2009



The elegant theory known as the Standard Model of Elementary Particles and Fields describes the ordinary matter and sub-nuclear interactions with extraordinary accuracy. In contrast, cosmological data revealed the existence of an elusive form of matter, called Dark Matter. Likely originated at the Big-Bang, it permeates our Universe and holds it together. SUperSYmmetry is a new theory capable of shedding light on the origin of Dark Matter. Charginos and neutralinos are particles the existence of which is postulated by SUSY. They could arise from smashing protons and antiprotons at the frontier energies reached by the Tevatron collider and be observed with the CDF detector. The book presents a search for these exotic particles, based on advanced statistical techniques of data analysis. It exposes the reader to the intriguing and fascinating world of High Energy Physics, from the particle detectors to the phenomenology of the most abstract theories.


Anadi Canepa, Research Scientist at TRIUMF, received her PhD atPurdue University under the supervision of Daniela Bortoletto,Professor of Physics and recipient of the Sloan Fellowship.Canepa's research in Experimental Particle Physics focuses onsearches for New Phenomena and for the Higgs boson at the CDF andATLAS experiments.
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