Moral Force Chartism.

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Colin Skelly argues that while moral force Chartism
was once contrasted favourably with the Chartist
O'Connorite mainstream, in the later twentieth
century a renewed interest in class led historians
to reverse this judgement, dismissing moral force as
increasingly irrelevant in a movement defined by its
physical force and class-conscious mainstream. He
reassesses the origins, nature and influence of
moral force Chartism, and in so doing rejects both a
return to the past historical elevation of moral
force over physical force and the more recent
relegation of moral force to the margins of Chartist
history. It is argued that moral force Chartism was
influential not only in the making of Chartism but
also for its continuing contribution to the Chartist
mainstream throughout the 1840s. Far from moral
force Chartists being mere props for moderate,
middle-class liberal individualism, they are shown
continuing in the commitment, shared by many
Chartists, to democratic reform as the only sure
pathway to radical social change.


Colin Skelly studied history at Royal Holloway, University of
London and the University of York. His main historical research
interests are the history of British social democratic
politics. He is currently a horticulturalist living in Cornwall.
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