Practical Computing on the Cell Broadband Engine

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Juli 2009



Practical Programming in the Cell Broadband Engine offers a unique programming guide for the Cell Broadband Engine, demonstrating a large number of real-life programs to identify and solve problems in engineering, logic design, VLSI CAD, number-theory, graph-theory, computational geometry, image processing, and other subjects.
Key features include:
  • Numerous diagrams, mnemonics, tables, charts, code samples for making program development on the CBE as accessible as possible

  • Comprehensive reading list for introductory material to the subject matter

  • A website providing all source codes and sample-data for examples presented in this text.


Introducing the Cell Broadband Engine.- The Power Processing Element (PPE).- The Synergistic Processing Element.- Element Interconnect Bus.- Direct Memory Access (DMA).- Programming the Cell Broadband Engine.- Foundations for Program Development on CBE.- The development environment.- Hello World.- An Overview of the SDK.- Basic Algorithms.- Graph Theory on the CBEA.- Alternative methods for parallel programming on SPE.- Computational Mathematics on the CBEA.- Vector Graphics on SPU.- Optimizing SPU Programs.- Case Studies.- Line-of-sight Computation.- Structure Determination using PDF.- Polytope Enumeration.- Synthetic Aperture Radar.- VLSI Design Automation.- Floorplanning: VLSI and other Applications.- VLSI Placement.- Power Estimation for VLSI.- Concluding Remarks.
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