The Economic, Medical/Scientific and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Nutrition Practice: What Impacts What?

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August 2009



Malnutrition has been known in hospital and outpatient care for more than 30 years. It is estimated that an average of 30% of patients are affected, and in the majority of cases the problem remains unrecognized and untreated. Moreover, this disease-related malnutrition increases health costs by 30-70% as recent studies have shown, exceeding even the costs of obesity. Nutrition interventions, generating in comparison only a small cost, may therefore result in substantial absolute savings.This publication gives an overview of the current state of affairs in Europe and the US, also examining the economics of malnutrition. Also discussed are reimbursement models for enteral nutrition as well as regulatory aspects and their impact on practice. The book closes with a discussion of future challenges and opportunities.Considering the extent of the problem, this publication will be of interest not only to doctors directly involved in the care of patients, but also to policy makers and administrative personnel.


Foreword; Contributors; The Magnitude of the Problem of Malnutrition in Europe: Kondrup, J.; Sorensen, J.M.; Malnutrition in North America: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? Jensen, G.L.; The Economics of Malnutrition: Elia, M.; The Need for Consistent Criteria for Identifying Malnutrition: Hoffer, L.J.; Enteral Nutrition Reimbursement - The Rationale for the Policy: The US Perspective: Parver, A.K.; Mutinsky, S.E.; Enteral Nutrition Reimbursement - The Rationale for the Policy: The German Perspective: Pahne, N.; Food Modification versus Oral Liquid Nutrition Supplementation: Silver, H.J.; Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Health Policy: Torgerson, D.J.; Implementing Nutritional Standards: The Scottish Experience: McKinlay, A.W.; Innovative Models for Clinical Nutrition and Financing: Van Emelen, J.; ENHA: What is It and What Does It Do? Strategies to Make Malnutrition a Key Priority in EU Health Policy: de Man, F.; Brief History of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition in the Hospital in the USA: Bistrian, B.R.; What Went Right? The Story of US Medicare Medical Nutrition Therapy: Patrick, S.
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