Dishonour of the Crown: The Ontario Resource Regime in the Valley of the Kiji Sibi

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November 2008



The territory of the OmA mA¬winini (Algonquin) peoples of southern Ontario is rich with natural resources. Yet for more than four centuries, the Algonquin have been economically and politically marginalized, while corporate and foreign interests profited from their land. In 2006, one community discovered that 26,000 acres had been staked for uranium exploration-land they never surrendered to the Crown through any treaty or negotiations. Facing a development process that included no consultation nor environmental assessment the Algonquin people began working with a broad-based coalition to oppose the project. The government and the exploration company have never provided scientific or scholarly evidence that the uranium project is safe. The community began telling its side of the story and conducting its own researchasome of which you are holding in your hands.

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