The Collected Works of James Wilson

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Wilson was one of only six signers of both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, and his writings and speeches had a significant impact on the deliberations that produced the cornerstone documents of our democracy. This book brings together a collection of writings and speeches of James Wilson.


James Wilsons Law Lectures; Preface by Bird Wilson; Lectures on Law, Part 1; Introductory Lecture. Of the Study of the Law in the United States; Of the General Principles of Law and Obligation; Of the Law of Nature; Of the Law of Nations; Of Municipal Law; Of Man, as an Individual; Of Man, as a Member of Society; Of Man, as a Member of a Confederation; Of Man, as a Member of the Great Commonwealth of Nations; Of Government; Comparison of the Constitution of the United States, with That of Great Britain; Lectures on Law, Part 1 (continued); Of the Common Law; Of the Nature and Philosophy of Evidence; Of the Constitutions of the United States and of Pennsylvania -- Of the Legislative Department; Of the Executive Department; Of the Judicial Department; Of the Nature of Courts; Of the Constituent Parts of Courts; Of the Judges; The Subject Continued Of Juries; The Subject Continued Of Sheriffs and Coroners; The Subject Continued. Of Counsellors and Attorneys; The Subject Continued. Of Constables; Of Corporations; Of Citizens and Aliens; Of the Natural Rights of Individuals; Of the Nature of Crimes; and the Necessity and Proportion of Punishment; Of Crimes Against the Right of Individuals to Their Property; Of Crimes Against the Rights of Individuals to Liberty, and to Reputation; Of Crimes Against the Right of Individuals to Personal Safety; Of Crimes Immediately Against the Community; Of Crimes Affecting Several of the Natural Rights of Individuals; Of Crimes Against the Rights of Individuals Acquired Under Civil Government; Of the Persons Capable of Committing Crimes; and of the Different Degrees of Guilt Incurred in the Commission of the Same Crime; Of the Direct Means Used by the Law to Prevent Offences; Of the Different Steps Prescribed by the Law, for Apprehending, Detaining, Trying, and Punishing Offenders; Bibliographical Glossary; Afterword; Index.
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