Change by Choice - The Art of Managing Change

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...or how to get people to do stuff differently,as though they thought of it first!

'Change' and 'choice' are words that evoke a range of responses, many of them negative! This is often due to the notion that if you have to 'go on about how much of an opportunity change is', or 'how much choice you really do have', then to the average listener, cynicism has already started to cloud the mind into thinking, 'I am being duped'!

These two 'C' words can have a range of meanings depending on the context. Change can either be an exciting prospect or a terrifying dread. Often these two extremes and the range in between are experienced,directly dependent on the amount of choice we feel we truly have.

Via a conversational style, Philip uses a mix of analogies, real life stories
and change management case histories, to examine our psychology towards change and choice, as well as the practicalities of achieving sustained change in our lives, be it within our families or workplace.

One case history explains how the author applied his change techniques to the development team of VIAGRA - bringing that drug to market, ahead of schedule.


Born in Birmingham into a Methodist upbringing Philip has led a diverse life. From joining the 'Moonies' cult at 16, then working in retail for 2 years, followed by training and consequentially working as a professional actor for 10 years. He then switched from acting to be trained as a facilitator and went on to facilitate large scale personal development seminars to the public for 5 years, before being invited to take his brand of development into the business arena some 20 years ago; co-founding Harley-Young Associates. Since Harley Young's inception, Philip has strived to understand, through the many corporate change programs he has designed and delivered, what makes change stick. A fundamental belief from boyhood has run through all of Philip's endeavours; that there is good in all human beings and that on some level people want to make a positive difference to their lives and of those around them. Philip lives with his two teenage children in Henley-on-Thames and is now a motivational speaker and managing director of Harley-Young Change Management Specialists Ltd. www.harley-young.co.uk


Philip is of a rare breed and a powerful character. He has tremendous skill in understanding and merging the more emotive side of business management e.g. attitude and behavior, with the more common sense areas such as structure & working process. Philip masterfully delivers this blend by completely immersing himself in the business. Let him in unconditionally, and the results are graphically clear!A" Steve Williams, CEO OMD Group UK
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