Howard Barker: Politics and Desire: An Expository Study of His Drama and Poetry, 1969-87

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Januar 2009



This is a new, revised and updated paperback edition of the critically acclaimed first full-length critical assessment of this most individual, challenging, conceptually energetic of British dramatists, whose recognition and influence have extended to a position of international eminence.


Contents Acknowledgements Foreword to the Paperback Edition Chronology Lubricating Progress through the Forbidden Innocence and Authority Independence and the Family Between Two Worlds New Manner for New Situation Landscapes of Shame, Eruptions of Desire Splintered Faith and Scar Tissue Power and the Body Every Man's Evil Expresses Me Pain and Breakthrough Catastrophe is also Birth: Inconclusion Appendix: Conversations Notes Bibliography Index


David Ian Rabey


'Rabey mobilizes powerful metaphors, almost as responses in kind to Barker's lines, in sentences that have the quality of muscular poetry... At the border between criticism and theatre, Politics and Desire stands opposite Brecht's Messingkauf Dialogues, challenging critical boundaries of theatre, and inviting us to experience the catastrophic throes of tragic transformation.' - James D. Balestrieri, Theatre Three
'Rabey's criticism in these books offers a meditation, a critical and lyrical vision, not merely of Barker's theatre but of theatre's place in a 21st-century culture' - George Hunka, Superfluities: A Journal
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Untertitel: An Expository Study of His Drama and Poetry, 1969-87. Auflage 2009. Sprache: Englisch.
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