Outrageous Yachts

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September 2009



This stunning book showcases 19 of these yachts, touring each of the magnificent vessels from stem to stern, and providing information on their builders and designers. Irresistible to anyone who owns a yacht of any size, or who one day dreams of owning one.


Jill Bobrow is Editor in Chief of ShowBoats International, the world's premiere luxury yacht publication. She was previously Editor of Boat International USA and founder, Publisher, and Editorial Director of Concepts Publishing Inc., a publisher of photographic books on yachting and the Caribbean.


'The lavish volume looks as if it will be irresistible to anyone who [is] interested in superyachts...' Super Yacht News (August 2009) 'Coffee-table glamour...' Yachts & Yachting (December 2009) 'If you have a yen to flash your cash, this book can help you to research the market. For the rest of us, it is another opportunity to dream.' Good Book Guide (November 2009) 'A fine looking edition with a great deal of information lurking within its glossy pages. It is worth more than just a passing glance.' Nautical Magazine (April 2010) 'An appropriate title for a "coffee table" picture book describing some of the largest, most ostentatious yachts of recent years along with Onassis' unbelievably extravagant 'Christina'.' Work Boat Worl (April 2011)
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