The African Diaspora and the Study of Religion

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This book focuses on the location of the religious heritage of Africa within the academic study of religion - including indigenous African religions, African Christianities, African/American forms of Islam, the religions of African Americans, Afro-Caribbean religions, and Afro-Brazilian religions.


Introduction: Alexander Crummell and the Belief in African Superiority - Wilson Jeremiah Moses * PART
I: AFRICA IN DIASPORA * Raising Champions, Taking Territories: African Churches and the Mapping of New Religious Landscapes in Diaspora - Afe Adogame * The Bible and the Quran among the Rastafari and the Nation of Islam - Maboula Soumahoro * Ahmadi, Beboppers, Veterans, and Migrants: African-American Islam in Boston 1948-1963 - Fatimah Fanusie * PART
II: DIASPORA IN LITERATURE AND CULTURE * Robert Nathaniel Dett and African America's Christian Kingdom of Culture, 1926-1932 - Regennia N. Williams * Slain in the Spirit: Sexuality and Afro-Caribbean Religious Expression in Nella Larsen's Quicksand - Merinda Simmons * Candomblé, Christianity and Gnosticism in Toni Morrison's Paradise - Maha Marouan * PART
III: DIASPORA IN LATIN AMERICA * Understanding Diaspora Culture: African Religious Heritage in the Caribbean - Katherine A. Smith * The African Diaspora in Mexico: Santeria, Tourism and Representations of the State - Angela N. Castañeda * Writing out Africa? Racial Politics and the Cuban regla de ocha - Christine Ayorinde * PART
IV: DIASPORA IN THEORY * Macumba Has Invaded all Spheres:  Africanity, Black Magic and the Study of Afro-Brazilian Religions - Kelly Hayes * Early American Pentecostalism: Race, Religion and the Politics of Anticipation - Matthew Waggoner * Toward a Tradition of African American Pragmatic Religious Naturalism - Jonathon Kahn * Conclusion:  "'Africa' in the Study of African American Religion" - Eddie S. Glaude * Afterword: "'Religion' in the Study of the African Diaspora" - Russell T. McCutcheon


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