Assessment for Learning

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What are the most cost-effective ways of ensuring that today 's students have the skills they need for an uncertain and unpredictable future? In this lecture, Dylan William argues that if we are serious about raising student achievement, the only way to do this is by investing in the professional development of teachers. Not all investments are equally effective, and some, such as helping teachers make greater use of assessment for learning, are more effective than others, such as increasing teacher content knowledge. If we are to be successful, however, as well as being clear about what we want teachers to do differently, we have to understand why changing teachers practice is so difficult. This will require radical changes in the way we treat teacher professional development.


Dylan Wiliam is Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at the Institute of Education, University of London.


In a few pages he conveys how his two decades of experience has shaped an effective, scalable model for professional teacher development. It is a clear, concise and compelling read for anyone engaged in education for the professions. Whilst the primary audiences are teacher development professionals and policy makers the content is readily transferable to the wider Higher Education audience... In my institution we plan not only to buy copies for the library but to buy in bulk for resale direct to our post graduate medical education students. This is a little book with a big punch. -- Linda Jones, Principal Lecturer Clinical Education and Leadership, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical Education ESCalate - The Higher Education Academy Education Subject Centre So, who should read this book? Anyone who is involved in teaching will gain something, even if it is just an understanding of why it is so difficult to improve one's practice as a teacher. I would particularly recommend the booklet to those who have responsibility for CPD in a school or teacher education in a wider sense, because they are the ones who need to be implementing the ideas in this book. -- Jane Gabb Equals, the Journal of the Mathematical Association, Vol. 16, No.3
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