No Return Flight

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September 2009



1938-1959, Childhood and first forays into motor sport;
1960-1963, Starting racing and cutting rallying teeth;
1964-1969, Rallying success, marriage and touring car racing;
1970-1975, Escort Mexicos, Production Saloons and a works drive;
1976-1979, More touring car racing and more versatility;
1980-1985,The Colt era and a return to one-make racing;
1986-1990, Renaults, Hondas and Porsches;
1991-1995, Long-distance racing and an introduction to histories;
1996-2000, Establishing a new reputation;
2001-2007,A golden era in historic racing;
The top 10 cars;
The top 10 races;
'Whizzo' on other drivers;
'Whizzo' on the British Racing Drivers' Club;
1960s summary;
1970s summary;
1980s summary;
1990s summary;
2000s summary;
The Goodwood record..


"...an enjoyable and touching story which was a pleasure to read from beginning to end. It wears its heart on its sleeve and tells a clear and direct story of one small group of men at Arnhem." - Arrse.co.uk November 2011
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Untertitel: 13 Platoon at Arnhem 1944. b/w photos.
Verlag: Aspekt,The Netherlands
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