The Almanac of American Employers

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THE ALMANAC OF AMERICAN EMPLOYERS 2010 CONTENTS Introduction 1 How To Use This Book 3 Chapter 1: Major Trends Affecting Job Seekers 7 1) U.S. Job Market Overview 7 2) Cost Control is a Major Concern at Employers/Downsizing and Consolidation Through Mergers Continue 9 3) Unemployment Will Remain High 9 4) Consumers Spend Less, Save More, Affecting a Wide Variety of Companies 10 5) Technology Continues to Create Sweeping Changes in the Workplace 10 6) Continued Growth in Outsourcing, Including Supply Chain and Logistics Services 11 7) Millions Working as Temps 12 8) Offshoring and the Globalization of Business 12 9) Older Americans Will Delay Retirement and Work Longer/Many Employers Find Older Employees Desirable 13 10) Employment Sectors that Will Offer an Above-Average Number of Job Opportunities in 2010 14 Chapter 2: Statistics 15 U.S. Employment Overview: 2008-2009 16 U.S. Civilian Labor Force: 1997-August 2009 17 Number of People Employed and Unemployed, U.S.: August 2008 vs. August 2009 18 Unemployed Jobseekers by Sex, Reason for Unemployment & Active Job Search Methods Used: 2008 19 U.S. Labor Force Ages 16 to 24 Years Old by School Enrollment, Educational Attainment, Sex, Race & Ethnicity: October 2008 20 Mean Hourly Earnings & Weekly Hours, Private Industry & State & Local Government: 2008 21 Medical Care Benefits in the U.S.: Access, Participation and Take-Up Rates, March 2009 22 Retirement Benefits in the U.S.: Access, Participation and Take-Up Rates, March 2009 23 Top 25 U.S. Occupations by Percent Change in Job Growth: 2006-2016 24 Top 25 U.S. Occupations by Numerical Change in Job Growth: 2006-2016 25 Jobs with the Largest Expected Employment Increases, U.S.: 2006-2016 26 Jobs with the Largest Expected Employment Decreases, U.S.: 2006-2016 27 Chapter 3: Research: 7 Keys for Job Seekers 28 1) Financial Stability 28 2) Growth Plans 28 3) Research & Development Programs 28 4) Product Launch & Production 28 5) Marketing & Distribution Methods 28 6) Employee Benefits 28 7) Quality of Work Factors 29 Other Considerations 29 Chapter 4: Important Contacts for Job Seekers 36 Addresses, Telephone Numbers and Internet Sites Chapter 5: THE AMERICAN EMPLOYERS 500: Who They Are and How They Were Chosen 68 20 Largest Employers of the AMERICAN EMPLOYERS 500, By Number of Employees 70 20 Largest Employers of the AMERICAN EMPLOYERS 500, By Revenues 71 20 Largest Employers of the AMERICAN EMPLOYERS 500, By Profits 72 Industry List, With Codes 73 Index of Rankings Within Industry Groups 77 (The AMERICAN EMPLOYERS 500 grouped by industry and ranked for sales and profits) Alphabetical Index 92 Index of U.S. Headquarters Location by State 95 Index by Regions of the U.S. Where the Firms Have Locations 99 Index of Firms with International Operations 111 Individual Data Profiles on each of THE AMERICAN EMPLOYERS 500 114 Additional Indexes Index of Firms Noted as Hot Spots for Advancement for Women & Minorities 616 Index of Subsidiaries, Brand Names and Selected Affiliations 619 Index by Companies for Specific Types of Job Seekers 646 Information Systems 646 Liberal Arts 654 Management 665 Professionals 678 Sales/Marketing 694 Technical/Scientific 706


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