The Knight of Spurs and Spirits

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Juli 2009



England, 1609. Sir Robert's servants live at Hylton Castle in constant fear of his violent temper. They suffer whilst Sir Robert lives in luxury. But when Sir Robert's anger goes one step too far, the ghost of his victim will not leave him unpunished.


Terry Deary began his writing career with fiction for A&C Black. He is now author of over 140 fiction and non-fiction books, which have been published in 32 languages. His historical fiction for older children Tudor Terror has been praised as "a marvellous blend of fact and fiction" (School Librarian). His non-fiction has been consistently in the best-seller lists since 1994. His Horrible Histories celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2003, having sold 10 million copies worldwide and been adapted as television animations, theatre tours and museum exhibitions. Terry Deary was voted "Outstanding children's non-fiction author of the 20th Century" by Books for Keeps magazine.


'...exciting, funny stories based on historical events...' Write Away (July 2009) 'Bubbling with wit, language play and robust dialogue...just the right mix of ingredients to trigger young readers' interest in all things historical.' Books for Keeps (December 2009)
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