Complete Arabic Beginner to Intermediate Book and Audio Course

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Introduction & How to use this course
Arabic script and pronunciation guide 01 Let's get started! 02 Personal details 03 How you describe yourself 04 This and that 05 Our house is your house 06 Where is the town centre? 07 What did you do? 08 Once upon a time 09 More than one 10 What do you do? 11 Islamic festivals 12 Woman's page 13 The Arabian Gulf 14 Hearing is obeying (The Arabian Nights) 15 The Arabs in Hollywood 16 Sports page 17 If God wills 18 News from every country
Key to the exercises
Listening transcripts
Glossary of language terms
Grammar summary
Verb tables
Arabic-English vocabulary
English-Arabic vocabulary
Grammar index


The authors are both linguists and teachers of long experience.
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