Chords for Kids

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November 2009



With clear chord diagrams for guitar and keyboard, covering all the basic chords in each key, including majors, minors, triads, fourths, sixths, sevenths and ninths.


Jake Jackson's publications, as writer, editor or contributor, include The Beginner's Guide to Reading Music, How to Play Classic Riffs and Play Flamenco. As guitarist and songwriter he has been in a few bands, including Slice, The Harmonics and Starbank and has studied a form of Flamenco guitar. Although Jake has a range of fine guitars in his house his favourite music software is Sibelius and, having worked with Cubase for many years, is now moving over to Logic Pro.
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Untertitel: Easy to Read - Easy to Play for Guitar and Keyboard. New ed. 384 colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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