The SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture

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November 2009



Presenting insights from leading authorities on enterprise architecture, including John Zachman, Larry DeBoever, and George Paras, this book provides organizations with a solid understanding of key concepts. It contains the SIM's survey of IT organizations' enterprise architecture activities which provides important metrics for evaluating progress and success.


Wha t Is EA? Why Does IT Matter?


What You Have Here

Reinventing the Wheel?

IT Starts between Your Ears

But IT Doesn't Stop There


The Pioneers of Enterprise Architecture: A Panel Discussion, L.A. Kappelman

Enterprise Architecture Theory



Bridging the Chasm, L.A. Kappelman

Architecture Is Architecture Is Architecture, J.A. Zachman

Why Enterprise Architecture Matters: Surfing the Waves, B.V. Ballengee

To Be or Not to Be: Recognize Enterprise Architecture as a True Profession? M. Lane

John Zachman's Concise Definition of the Zachman Framework, J.A. Zachman

Framework Standards: What's It All About? J.A. Zachman

Enterprise Architecture as Politics: An Actor-Network Theory Perspective, A. Sidorova an
L.A. Kappelman

EA Maturity Models, B. Salmans

Enterprise Architecture: Charting the Territory for Academic Research, L.A. Kappelman , T. McGinnis , A. Pettit , B. Salmans , and A.Sidorova

Enterprise Architecture Practice


Enterprise Architecture: Not Just Another Management Fad, L.A. Kappelman

Why Does E-Commerce Need Enterprise Architecture? E. Cannon

Using Language to Gain Control of Enterprise Architecture: On the Verge of Major Business Reengineering, G.F. Simons, L.A. Kappelman, and J.A. Zachman

Enterprise Architecture: Time for IT to Break Out! B. Ballengee

A Pragmatic Approach to a Highly Effective Enterprise Architecture Program, L.R. De Boever, G.S. Paras, and T. Westbr ock

The SIM Information Management Practices Survey, B. Salmans and L.A. Kappelman

The State of EA: Progress, Not Perfection

Detailed Survey Results

References and Resources

The Society for Information Management (SIM)

The SIM Enterprise Architecture Working Group

Bibliography, Suggested Readings, and Websites

Enterprise Architecture Glossary, L. Burgess , T. Ramakrishnan, B. Salmans, and L.A. Kappelman



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