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In this book, the study focused on evaluates morphological, physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of the soils formed on sandstone and limestone deposits in Egypt. Soil Classification and quantitative land evaluation were also carried out. The study showed that, soil formed on sandstone deposits belonging to II and III grades while soils formed on Limestone deposits belonging to II, III, IV and VI grades. The studied soil profiles which have capability class of grades II, III and IV, are evaluated to determine the suitability for growing 15 crops. Generally, the soils of studied profiles are placed at marginally (S3) and/or moderately (S2) suitable for most used growing field crops, the soils are very suitable (S1) and/or moderately (S2 for olives. Also, the studied soils are mostly placed at marginally and moderately suitable for potato, watermelon and Guava. Generally, most areas of studied deposits are suitable for cultivating most of the used certain crops.


I am Wael M.A. Nada. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Agric. Sc. (Soil Science) and I received my M. Sc. in soil science from the soil science department, Fac. Agric., Minufiya University., Egypt. I am a Ph.D. student in Potsdam University, institute of Geoecology, Germany.
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