Practical Process Control

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This book introduces process control to engineers and technicians unfamiliar with control techniques, providing an understanding of how to actually apply control in a real industrial environment. It avoids analytical treatment of the numerous statistical process control techniques to concentrate on the practical problems involved. A practical approach is taken, making it relevant in virtually all manufacturing and process industries. There is currently no information readily available to practising engineers or students that discusses the real problems and such material is long overdue. An indispensable guide for all those involved in process controlIncludes equipment specification, troubleshooting, system specification and designProvided with guidelines of HOW TO and HOW NOT TO install process control


Introduction * What type of process - what kind of control? * Measurement devices * Control devices * Cyclic (on*off) control * Programmable logic control (PLC) systems * Continuous control * Distributed control systems (DCS) * Operator interfaces, displays and graphics * Compressed air * Choice of system and installation * Engineering check-out; pre-commissioning.
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