Women's Career Advancement Experiences in Information Technology

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Oktober 2009



Since the term 'glass ceiling' was first noted in the 1980's, women have made great progress in terms of leadership equality with men in the workplace. Despite this, women who make up a majority of the workforce are still underrepresented by number in the upper echelons of organizations. The information gathered during the course of this study was used to understand if the glass ceiling exists for women in IT and explore their promotion experiences as information technology (IT) professionals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania organizations. In short, the overall theme of the experiences of the 15 women was that promotion experiences for women employed in IT in Pittsburgh organizations are "A Continuous Challenge" - culturally, socially, and personally. Readers interested in the fields of information systems, communications, phenomenology, women's studies, and career advancement would find value in the information gathered and presented.


Shadia has more than 17 years of financial services, training, and communications experience and maintains adjunct-faculty positions at five universities. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Business and Spanish, a Master's degree in Management and Technology, and a Doctorate in Information Systems and Communications.
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Untertitel: A phenomenological study of promotion experiences of women in the information technology field in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania organizations. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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