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</h1>List of contributors</h1></h1>Preface</h1></h1>1 Practical paediatrics</h1></h1>2 Laboratory reference ranges</h1></h1>3 Emergencies</h1></h1>4 Nutrition and infant feeding</h1></h1>5 Haematology</h1></h1>6 Pain management</h1></h1>7 Fluid and electrolyte therapy</h1></h1>8 Neonatal medicine</h1></h1>9 Biochemical genetic emergencies</h1></h1>10 Anti-infective drugs and guidelines</h1></h1>11 Fever and severe infections</h1></h1>12 Infectious diseases and immunisation</h1></h1>13 Cardiology</h1></h1>14 Respiratory diseases</h1></h1>15 Endocrinology and diabetes</h1></h1>16 Gastroenterology</h1></h1>17 Neurology and neurosurgery</h1></h1>18 Renal medicine</h1></h1>19 Psychiatry</h1></h1>20 The adolescent patient</h1></h1>21 Oncological emergencies</h1></h1>22 Abuse of children</h1></h1>23 Important skin conditions</h1></h1>24 Ocular emergencies</h1></h1>25 Common ENT conditions</h1></h1>26 Dental and oro-facial emergencies </h1>
</h1>27 Acute poisoning and envenomation </h1>
</h1>28 Preparing a child for surgery </h1>
</h1>29 Sedation for procedures </h1>
</h1>30 Management of burns </h1>
</h1>31 General surgery </h1>
32 Trauma and orthopaedics</h1>
33 Rheumatology</h1></h1>
34 Obesity in children and adolescents</h1>
35 Growth charts</h1>
36 Developmental assessment </h1>
37 Dying and death </h1>
Appendix: medication dosage guidelines</h1>


Henry Kilham is Associate Professor in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Sydney and Departments of General Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Clinical Toxicology and Pain, at The Children's Hospital at Westmead.
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