The Curse of Snakes

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April 2010



Red Hellion lives opposite the creepy, tightly locked Torrington Park, or 'Viper's Green'. Walking home from school one day, he meets Max, who is trying to break in. Before he knows it, Red finds himself sucked into Max's plans to discover the whereabouts of his father, who disappeared under sinister circumstances connected with the park.


Christopher Fowler co-founded the media company Creative Partnership and spent many years working in film. He is the multi award-winning author of thirty adult novels and short story collections, and is best-known for his dark urban fiction. His autobiography of his early boyhood, PAPERBOY, has also been highly acclaimed. In addition, he has written for the BBC, The Times and Time Out, and has a regular column in the Independent on Sunday.


"A thrilling urban debut teen novel. Creepy and scary by turns, Hellion will have you looking over your shoulder long after you've read the final page." Lovereading4kids "Thrilling, scary and very readable" The Teacher
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