Dorset, New Forest & Isle of Wight Footprint with Kids

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April 2010



Footprint's full-colour guide Dorset, New Forest and the Isle of Wight with Kids contains all the delights of the southern coast that won't fail to keep young explorers entertained. Information on sports and activities, exploring the Jurassic Coast, historic houses and rainy day museums all included. Includes great accommodation listings.


1) Top 10 2) Family Favourites 3) Kids' Stuff 4) Jurassic Coast 5) Isle of Purbeck 6) New Forest 7) Isle of Wight 8) Grown-Ups' Stuff


Jane Anderson has been a busy travel writer and photographer for 15 years contributing to publications as varied as the Sunday Times Travel Magazine to Elle. She has been travel editor at You & Your Wedding Magazine and Junior Pregnancy & Baby and is the author of A Place to Wed. With two children of her own now, family travel is uppermost in her life and work. Her young kids have already experienced everything from helicopter rides over the coral reefs of the Cayman Islands to eco houses in Normandy, but Britain remains at the heart of her family adventures.
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